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In Michigan having a drivers license is a privilege granted to people by the state. If a person acquires two or more alcohol related driving convictions that privilege will be revoked. After the passage of time that persons eligible to have his privilege reinstated by the state.

When a person is eligible. a request for hearing must be filed with the Drivers License Appeal DLAD of the Secretary of State’s office. The petitioner must also file a Substance Abuse Evaluation, a 10 Panel Drug Screen and letter (6) establishing a length of sobriety required by the Rules governing these hearings.

Also filed with these documents is a proof of attendance with a support group such as a AA or NA. A familiarity with the program is important to carry the burden of proof that the alcohol problem is under control.

My approach is to go over the questions and answers until you are comfortable answering them. My extensive experience comes in handy here. I know what questions are asked and the way to answer them so that they are believed.

I will review the letters of sobriety and make suggestions so that they satisfy the hearing officers of the DLAD.