My Experience Speaks for Itself…

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My Experience Speaks for Itself…

My law office is a full service law firm specializing in driver license restoration and DUI cases.

I am Professional, Experienced and I provide Affordable Representation! 

For more than 30 years,  I have been providing legal representation to clients all over the Detroit, Michigan area. I have produced successful results in  thousands cases including driver’s license reinstatement, driver’s license restoration, drunk driving and super drunk driving. My legal expertise, excellent reputation, vast knowledge to defend my clients sets me among the best defense attorney’s in Detroit,  Michigan.

With an excellent reputation from years of experience as a defense attorney,  I can help you with the legal bureaucracy,  give you legal support/advice and fiercely represent you in any DUI related case.

You need the legal expertise of one of the best defense attorney in Detroit, Michigan to represent you in your  driver’s license reinstatement, and driver’s license restoration case. Call me for a free consultation or start here to  explore your legal options and get your driver’s license back today!

I have been providing professional legal advice and services to the Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties and the surrounding areas in Michigan for OVER 30 YEARS.


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